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Linz Г¶stereich Abkühlung an heißen Sommertagen

Ein Hauptaustragungsort dabei ist die Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. Gerfried Stocker Rektor JKU Linz GERFRIED Linz, Österreich. JOHANNES. Die Stadt Linz im Internet. Vielfältige Informationen zu Services und Dienstleistungen der Verwaltung, zu Kulturangebot, Wirtschaft, Umwelt und vielem mehr. University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Schwerpunkte. Technik · Informatik · Wirtschaft & Management ·. Objekt: Linz, AT-OOeLB, Hs (Handschriften-Katalog der öffentl. Studien-​Bibliothek in Linz v. P. Ant. Viehbäck, Saec. XIX, ca). Signatur: г. - Часов. Aus gegebenen Anlass eröffne ich einen Thread zu den Fans des Linzer ASK. Nachdem die Relegation noch Zuseher.

Objekt: Linz, AT-OOeLB, Hs (Handschriften-Katalog der öffentl. Studien-​Bibliothek in Linz v. P. Ant. Viehbäck, Saec. XIX, ca). Signatur: Ein Hauptaustragungsort dabei ist die Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. Gerfried Stocker Rektor JKU Linz GERFRIED Linz, Österreich. JOHANNES. › Места › Linz, Austria › African Restaurant.

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Das Comeback einer Rarität in Österreich! - Urfahraner Markt Linz 2018 - Vlog 112

In May , seven scientific publications, online presentations, and numerous lectures were made public as a result of these efforts. The culture of remembrance extended to the construction of monuments for the victims of National Socialism.

Especially since , numerous memorials have been created in public spaces. The city's confrontation with its Nazi past resulted in the renaming of many streets.

In , immediately after the end of the Nazi dictatorship, 39 streets in Linz were renamed, whereas from to , only two streets were renamed. However, since , 17 new traffic areas were named after victims of National Socialism or resistance fighters.

Simon Wiesenthal , who founded the first Jewish Documentation Center in Linz in , received an award for his work in remembrance of victims of the Second World War.

In , Linz upgraded the college founded in to become the country's highest form of academic institution, the Johannes Kepler University. The coat of arms of Linz developed from the seal image, which was used as emblem since It showed the open city gate flanked by two crenelated towers on rocky ground.

From on, the gate was shown standing on water. The coat of arms shows a red plate on which stands a castle with twin towers.

Those towers are crowned with three crenelations. The towers include an open door; above the door the red-white-red shield of Austria is attached.

The gate and towers symbolise the medieval fortified city. The wavy bars indicate the position of the city near the Danube.

The Austrian shield is a reference to the former territorial city. The urban area includes parts of 13 other municipalities with together , inhabitants.

Linz is also part of the Linz-Wels-Steyr metropolitan area of Upper Austria , home to around one third of the state's population , people and second-largest urban area in Austria.

However, only half of vacant jobs can be covered by its inhabitants. This large job surplus causes a correspondingly high rate of commuting from the surrounding communities of Linz, resulting in extensive traffic problems.

The foreign born percentage is estimated to be at Because Linz is also continental influenced, it does snow there and even has sometimes a snow cover without melting for at least a week or more as temperatures in January mostly stay below the freezing point.

In , Germans were the most frequent guests from other countries, followed by tourists from China including Hong Kong and Macao , making Italians 3rd in comparison with the years before — the ranking is nearly equal to the overnight stays ranking which is listed in the following.

Linz is one of the main economic centres of Austria. Voestalpine is a large technology and capital goods group founded as the " Hermann-Göring-Werke " during the Second World War , which is known for the LD- "Linz-Donawitz" procedure for the production of steel.

The former "Chemie Linz" chemical group has been split up into several companies. These companies have made Linz one of Austria's most important economic centres.

Furthermore, due to the fact that one of the four Donau-Harbors Donauhäfen in Austria is located in Linz, it constitutes an attractive location in regards to logistic and trading enterprises.

Nonetheless manufacturing plants can — for instance - be found at the waterfront as well. The economic importance of Linz was founded over centuries in trade.

Moreover, the long-standing image of Linz as an industrial city was a result of the National Socialism. As a result of this large industrial enterprises are still located in Linz nowadays.

From an economical perspective they represent a large number of jobs and of course industry related enterprises. The Meeting Industry Report Austria mira ranks Linz as the third most important destination for congresses in Austria, with a share of 7.

With the Blue Meeting concept, the local tourism association has developed a conference format which focuses on individual needs of participants and adapts to the idea of green meetings, therefore supporting waste prevention , energy efficiency, climate-neutral travel and regional added value.

Thirteen malls can be found in Linz, three of which are situated in the city centre. The weekly frequency is noted between , Monday-Saturday, 8 a.

Further shopping streets in Linz:. There are eleven farmer's markets as well as one weekly flea market and two Christmas markets in Linz. One of the most popular ones is the "Urfahraner Markt", which takes place in spring and fall every year.

Furthermore, there are annually Christmas and New Year's Markets. The aim of the market administration is to provide the population with a wide range of products, as well as operating the markets in an economical, suitable and customer oriented manner.

Additionally, the annual market called "Linzer Marktfrühling" sets further accents and lures new customers with attractive offers. Linz serves as an important transport hub for the region of both Upper Austria and, to a lesser degree, southern Bohemia.

Linz Airport lies about 14 kilometres 8. The airport can be reached easily via federal highways B and B1. The bus line connects the airport within 20 minutes with the centre of Linz.

There is also a free shuttle service from Hörsching railway station. Direct flights include Frankfurt , Düsseldorf and Vienna with additional seasonal routes added during the summer and winter months, like for example Mallorca , Ibiza , Tenerife , several Greek islands like Kos , Rhodes , Crete or Corfu or Hurghada.

Ryanair also flies to London Stansted Airport. The city also has a central railway station German : Hauptbahnhof on Austria's main rail axis, the West railway , linking Vienna with western Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The Linz central station has been awarded eight times from to and by Austrian Traffic Club as the most beautiful train station in Austria.

There are also varying types of river transport on the Danube, from industrial barges to tourist cruise ships. Local public transport comprises the city tram network , the city trolleybus network and the city bus network, all operated by the Linz Linien division of Linz AG.

The National Police Directorate forms the security authority for the city. The city's police commands function as law enforcement agencies.

In Linz, one of six Austrian professional fire brigades is located. Four volunteer fire brigades Ebelsberg, Pichling, Pöstlingberg, St.

Magdalena and nine company fire brigades complement Linz' firemanship. Additionally, the national school of firemanship, which is subjected to the Upper Austrian fire-brigade federation, is located in Linz.

In this school, all members of Upper Austrian fire brigades are being educated. The newspaper Oberösterreichische Nachrichten has its head office in Linz.

In the middle of the main square the high "Pestsäule" " plague column ", also known as "Dreifaltigkeitssäule" Dreifaltigkeit means Holy Trinity was built to remember the people who died in the plague epidemics.

Around the main square are many historically relevant and architecturally interesting houses, such as the Old Town Hall, the Feichtinger House with its famous carillon, which changes the melody depending on the season, the Kirchmayr House, the Schmidtberger House or the bridgehead buildings, which house a part of the Linz Art University.

West of the main square there is the old quarter with many other historic buildings, such as Renaissance houses or older houses with a baroque face.

It was built during early medieval Carolingian times. Other popular attractions include the museums listed below, as well as architecturally interesting and impressively illuminated in the evening such as the Ars Electronica Center or the Lentos Art Museum , the Tobacco Factory, the Danube Lands, the port of Linz including Mural Harbor, the Voestalpine Stahlwelt or the District Urfahr.

In the immediate vicinity is the Pöstlingberg, close to the baroque pilgrimage basilica, the Linz zoo, or the fairytale and dwarf kingdom of the Linzer Grottenbahn.

As many central European cities, the cityscape of Linz is characterised by small and several sacred buildings. Stephen's Cathedral Stephansdom in Vienna , but by capacity.

The historic centre is characterised by its medieval architectural style, whereas in those parts of the city that border with the historic centre the architecture is of neoclassical , neo-baroque and neo-renaissance styles.

Even further from the historic centre there are living areas, such as Franckviertel , Froschberg , Bindermichl and Kleinmünchen southern of the Danube and Alt-Urfahr northern of the Danube.

These areas are where residential buildings can be found that are still referred to as "Hitlerbauten" or "Hitler buildings", because they were built during the interwar period and the time of Nazi dictatorship.

The residential area called Gugl became a well liked living area among the wealthy at around , which is why there are numerous villas still there today.

Amongst the newer buildings is the new Central Station , which was designed by Wilhelm Holzbauer and added the Terminal Tower skyscraper as part of a mixed-use complex.

Between und it was voted Austria's most beautiful railway station seven times in a row by the Verkehrsclub Österreich.

The Wissensturm "Tower of knowledge" with a height of about 63 metres, houses the public library and the Volkshochschule , an adult education centre.

It was designed by Franz Kneidinger and Heinz Stögmüller and opened in The city is now home to a vibrant music and arts scene that is well-funded by the city and the state of Upper Austria.

Between Lentos Art Museum and the "Brucknerhaus", is the "Donaulände", which is also referred to as "Kulturmeile" "culture mile".

This is a park alongside the river, which is used mainly by young people to relax and meet in summer. It is also used for the Ars Electronica Festival in early September and the "Stream Festival", which takes place annually.

In June, July and August the "Musikpavillon" is placed in the park where musical groups of different styles perform on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays free of charge.

Linz has other culture institutions, such as the Posthof, which is near the harbour, [39] and the Stadtwerkstatt , which is by the river Danube.

Currently 69 cities worldwide are members of the Creative Cities network , which is divided into seven thematic categories: literature, film, music, folk art, design, media art and gastronomy.

The title goes to cities which enrich urban life and successfully involve society in electronic art forms through the sponsorship and integration of media art.

The aim is therefore to maintain and represent the cultural diversity. To create the most intensive discourse possible with the other creative cities, Linz has to do a self-evaluation after a few years.

After three years the UNESCO evaluated whether Linz has fulfilled certain measures in the field of media art and may continue to use the title.

The latest project developed by Linz in the context of the City of Media Arts project is the Valie Export Center, which is located in the Tabakfabrik tobacco factory and carried out in cooperation with the University of Art and Design Linz.

It serves as an international research hub for media and performance art. Beyond that, it comprises the legacy as well as the archives of the most renowned media artist coming from Linz, Valie Export , who has received numerous national as well as international prizes.

Since , the Open Commons Linz initiative has made available a wide variety of "free" data: geo-data and statistical information having to do with city life, local government, recreation and tourism.

An associated effort is the Hotspot initiative that has installed hotspots providing free WLAN, as well as Public Server, the municipal cloud available to all citizens registered in Linz.

Linz is thus at the forefront in Europe when it comes to universal access to open data. Linz houses 43 galleries and exhibit rooms, 13 cultural centres, one club centre, as well as four educational institutes.

The Brucknerhaus , a famous concert hall in Linz is named after Anton Bruckner. It is situated just some metres away from the "Lentos".

It is home to the "Bruckner Orchestra", and is frequently used for concerts, as well as balls and other events. It is also the venue of the "Linz Fest" which takes place annually in May as well as one of the venues during the Ars Electronica Festival in early September.

The Musiktheater music theatre was opened in April and is considered to be one of the most modern opera houses in Europe. Performances at the Musiktheater include operas and typically Austrian operettas , ballets and musicals.

The ensemble of the Landestheater regional theatre Linz used to perform musical productions as well as theatre productions at a venue located on the "Promenade" in the inner city of Linz this venue is still referred to simply as "Landestheater".

Since the opening of the new Musiktheater, only theatre performances take place at the "Promenade" venue, whereas musical productions are shown in the Musiktheater.

The Kapu is a venue for various contemporary music styles, such as hip hop , noise rock and crust and also houses a cinema and a recording studio.

The Posthof is one of the biggest event centres in Linz with three rooms offering up to seats or standing room for about 1, people respectively in the big hall.

The programme focuses on contemporary art and covers concerts, theatre, cabaret, dance and literature. Artists from Linz are regularly invited in order to improve the local cultural scene; e.

Altogether a total of about events take place at the Posthof each year with a total number of visitors of about The Stadtwerkstatt is an independent association for culture and was founded in Its headquarters is located in the Urfahr district on the north bank of the Danube close to the Ars Electronica Centre and serves as venue for music events and other artistic and cultural activities.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his Symphony No. He reportedly also composed his Piano Sonata 13 in B flat while in Linz, although it was published in Vienna.

Anton Bruckner was born in Ansfelden near Linz and spent several years working as a conductor and organist in Linz, where he also started to compose.

The first version of Bruckner's Symphony No. The Brucknerhaus, a concert hall in Linz as well as its annual international Brucknerfest are named after him.

The history of cinema and film begins in Linz in September , when, as part of a variety programme, a film programme was shown in "Roithner's vaudeville" for the first time in Upper Austria.

Until the next screening of a film it took until 20 March , when Johann Bläser's travelling cinema guested in the "Hotel of the Golden Ship".

Until the opening of the first cinemas with regular programme, it took till the end of the year Subsequently, the second cinema of Linz was opened a few months later.

As the owner of travelling cinemas, Johann Bläser, got settled in Linz, he bought the "Hotel of the Golden Ship", and installed a cinema in it, the "Bio-Kinematograph".

The third stationary cinema, called "Kino Kolloseum", in town was founded around by the vaudeville operator Karl Roithner. Its first location was the former festival hall at Hessenplatz.

It launched in October at the Moviemento in Linz, showing films over four days. The concept goes back to the festival director Parisa Ghasemi.

In September the "Wissensturm", next to the central station, was completed. There the Main Library and the adult education centre are housed.

In the same year the expansion of the National Library on Schillerplatz began. The Main Library is the largest public library in Upper Austria.

The library has a stock of , media, of which approximately 60, audiovisual media, as well as numerous magazines. The library also offers public Internet access and computers for surfing.

The public library focuses on supporting reading. Thus in addition, regularly events such as readings, workshops or reading consultations take place.

In Linz there are both traditional restaurants and old wine taverns, as well as modern and exotic cuisine. The influence of nations can be felt in Linz's culinary offerings.

A coalition of over 40 restaurants, cafes and among other locations bars are called "hotspots". Typical dishes in Linz include not only the famous Linzer torte but also knödel and strudel in many different kinds of variations.

Another specialty is the erdäpfelkäs , a spread made from mashed potatoes and cream. With this installation in the public space, presented in the city center, Linz fulfills its responsibility and commitment to maintaining peace with its declaration, making a contribution to dealing with the past.

The idea is to reach people who have little relation to the years of or At the school, English is the main language for instruction.

One of the first public swimming pools was the former "Fabriksarm", a Danube branch stream from Parkbad to Winterhafen that was filled up in Afterwards a makeshift at the "Obere Donaulände" was built, which existed until a flood in In the "Städtische Schwimmschule" city swimming school was built at the place of the former Parkbad.

Especially in densely built-up inner-city areas smaller parks are highly important for the inhabitants of Linz, the parks act as green oases.

Along the main axis of the city centre of Linz, the highway, several such small gardens are located. These are on the one handside the Landhaus Park, which has been redesigned as part of an underground car park construction until , whereby the old trees have been preserved.

In addition, Hessenplatz or—park is located in the city centre of Linz. Hessenplatz was the centre of Neustadtviertel in Just off the highway Schiller Park is located, which replaced the Trainkaserne in , and the Volksgarten, which was created in by an entrepreneur and bought up in by the city.

The Donausteig is a non Alpine Austrian-Bavarian long-distance hiking trail, which is kilometres miles long and is divided into 23 stages.

Since the summer of it mainly leads alongside both banks of the Danube, from Passau through Linz and St. Nikola to Grein.

Those suburbs comprise:. The area was incorporated into the province of Noricum and Emperor Claudius had a municipium called Aguntum erected near Lienz in the today's municipality of Dölsach.

Aguntum became the see of an Early Christian bishop in the 5th century but decayed during the Slavic settlement of the Eastern Alps and the subsequent fights with the Bavarii under King Tassilo I about Part of the Slavic principality of Carantania , the area passed under Bavarian and finally Frankish suzerainty during the 8th century.

Lienz itself was first mentioned as Luenzina in a deed issued by the Bishop of Brixen about The settlement itself, together with neighbouring Patriasdorf , then belonged of the Patriarchs of Aquileia , who were elevated to immediate landlords by Emperor Henry IV in It was then purchased by the scions of the Meinhardiner dynasty, who held the office of Aquileian Vögte reeves and chose Lienz as a residence.

From about they called themselves Counts of Görz Gorizia. Located on the important trade route from Venzone in Friuli to Salzburg , the market town of Lienz received city rights on 25 February In the Counts finished Burg Bruck , a castle that until served as their local seat.

When the Meinhardiner became extinct in upon the death of Count Leonhard of Gorizia , their estates were bequeathed to the Habsburg King Maximilian I and finally incorporated into the County of Tyrol.

From the status of an Imperial residence, Lienz sank to the insignificance of a provincial town within the Habsburg Monarchy.

In it became the administrative centre of a district within the short-lived Napoleonic Illyrian Provinces , but was reconquered by Austrian troops in Until , the town was again part of the Austrian monarchy Austria side after the compromise of , head of the district of the same name, one of the 21 Bezirkshauptmannschaften in the Tyrol province.

In November it was occupied by the Italian Army. On 8 May British forces occupied Lienz, which together with Carinthia and Styria became part of the British occupation zone.

At this time several thousand members of the former Wehrmacht 1st Cossack Division coming from Yugoslavia had arrived in and around Lienz.

They surrendered to the British troops but were forcibly repatriated to the Soviet Union. Lienz has relatively warm and humid summers and cold winters.

The average temperature is 7. Lienz is also one of the sunniest cities in Austria with an average of 5.

The Köppen Climate Classification subtype for this climate is "Dfb" humid continental. Seats in the municipal assembly Gemeinderat as of [update] elections:.

The Felbertauerntunnel between Mittersill and Lienz was completed in Lienz is twinned with:. Media related to Lienz at Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Linz or Liezen. Place in Tyrol, Austria. Coat of arms.

See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Austria. Statistics Austria. Retrieved 10 March Retrieved 9 March

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